This agreement document ("Agreement") lists out all the terms and conditions applicable to your use of the PAWmedia website (“Website”) and participation in the affiliate program(s) offered therein. The terms ‘you’ and ‘affiliate’ refer to the individual or entity named as the beneficiary on our registration form ("Sign Up Form") as submitted through the Website. "We" or "us" refers to PAWmedia.


1.1 This is the latest version of the Agreement and is effective from the date mentioned in the Last Updated section and supersedes any earlier version.
1.2 Using our Trackers indicates your readiness to be in compliance with the terms and conditions set out here and also makes us the other party in the Agreement.
1.3 Please do NOT promote our Website if you do not agree to the terms and conditions Laid out or described in this document.

    • "Affiliate": The meaning is provided in the preamble section of this Agreement.
    • "Affiliate Program": The meaning is set forth in the preamble section of this Agreement.
    • "Affiliate Commission ": The remuneration you are entitled to receive for:
      • Referring Sub-Affiliates to the Affiliate program.
      • Leads converted through your referral.

    Receipt of Affiliate Commissions for either of these items is subject to the terms of the Agreement. The Affiliate Commission is decided based on the data available within our system. All Affiliate Commission is considered ‘estimated earnings’ before they are reconciled, verified and subjected to – and cleared after – fraud checks conducted on the Affiliate account.

    • "Affiliate Login/Name": The name and ID used to log in to the Affiliate Program. You must create this name while registering.
    • "Affiliate Sign Up Form": The form you are required to fill in order to sign up as an Affiliate.
    • "Agreement": The meaning is already established in the preamble section of this Agreement.
    • "Banners" or "Text Links": The graphics, artwork and text used to hyperlink players from your site using a Tracker (defined below).
    • "Cost per Acquisition Plan (CPA)": An Affiliate Commission category that we pay you for leads that have been converted and sent to the Promotions list on PAWmedia. The conditions for collecting the CPA depend on the Promotion. We will not pay you for a Tracker if we ourselves have not been paid by the individual operator for any reason, including but not limited to:
    • "Fraud Traffic": Refers to traffic and related deposits and gross revenue generated through PAWmedia by illegal or devious means with the intent of defrauding the operator. Existence of intent is enough to determine fraud traffic.
      • Negative poor player value
      • Detection of Fraud Traffic
      • Other reasons mentioned in the Affiliate program of the Operator.
    • "Dashboard": The secure section of the Website where registered users can:
      • Manage their accounts
      • Check data and stats
      • Update profile information
      • Create additional Trackers
      • Alter payment methods
      • Select Banners

    Examples of Fraud Traffic include:

    • Unfair or illegal manipulation and abuse of the Website, its system and bonuses and promotions offered for personal gain.
    • Making deposits using stolen credit cards.
    • Unauthorized use of copyrights, trademarks and/or accounts of third parties.
    • Sending leads to us or any other Operator with the intention of making the minimum deposit and playing the bare minimum required to receive the CPA payment.
      • "Gross Revenue": The sum, after deduction of inherent cost, which an Operator pays PAWmedia for all Leads and is based on the terms and conditions of the Affiliate program.
      • "Active Revenue": The commission or Affiliate Commission that you generate for yourself by promoting an Operator actively.
      • "Active Affiliate": An Affiliate, with a live website, who maintains as well as promotes Operators working with us. An Active Affiliate is always registered with us.
      • "Operator": The owner of a site where PAWmedia offers its promotions for its Sub-Affiliates.
      • "Lead": The entity you choose to target with the Promotions on our Website.
      • "Player": Anyone who uses an online gambling site and opens an account with PAWmedia on our Website.
      • "Player’s Account": Any account opened by a Lead through the PAWmedia site at any online gambling site as per the terms and conditions laid down by us. You can open the account through a Tracker that we provide you when you register with the Gambling site and download and install (if required) the software. A Player’s Account must have the minimum qualifying deposit in it to be operational.
      • "Real Money Player": A Lead who deposits funds into his account as per the rules and regulations governing use of the site where he is depositing funds.
      • “Promotion”: Any incentive or reward offered to a ‘Player’ for signing up with PAWmedia. The promotion may be redeemed for use on specific games at the sites where the Player logs in to play.
      • "Sign-Up Bonus Code": A unique alphanumeric code that Players sometimes must provide when creating an Account. Sign-Up Bonus Codes are automatically logged in once they are entered into the current system.
      • "Sign Up Bonus Incentives”: Special offers including cash or freebies that are given to a Lead when they register an Account and deposit funds at a site within the PAWmedia network.
      • "Spam" or "Unsolicited Promotions": E-mails, texts or any other form of messages circulated at the following:
      • Chat boards and chat rooms
      • Newsgroups
      • Online forums
      • Social media outlets

    Circulation may be direct or otherwise. A message is considered spam if it:

    • Is offered to people who have not asked or agreed to receive such messages from you.
    • Contains misleading or even false statements and data.
    • Doesn’t provide the originating IP address.
    • Doesn’t permit opting out from receiving future mails and promotions.
      • "Sub-Affiliate": Any person or entity that you have referred to our Affiliate program.
      • "Tracker": A tracking URL or sign up bonus code that you receive from us exclusively. We in turn receive it from an operator on our network.
      • "Historic Trackers": These are trackers that have been rendered inactive over time.
      • "Tracking URL": A unique hyperlink on our Website that you can use to refer potential Leads to a site. The system logs this URL and records you as the Affiliate when the Lead opens his account.
      • “Monthly Report”: Final monthly report that is sent out around the 25th of each month (with a possible 5 days delay). This report contains the detailed information about the amount of revenue generated during each month.


    3.1 Identity and Disclosure: You are required to always provide accurate information to us. This information includes one or more of the following:

    • Your name and identity
    • Contact details
    • Location
    • Payment details including instructions (if any)
    • Nature of marketing activities
    • Other details you would need to provide purely on a requirements basis for official purposes

    You are allowed only one affiliate account with us except if you have written approval for multiple accounts from the PAWmedia Network administrator.

    3.2 Marketing Activities and Responsibilities: You are responsible for your marketing content and the way you implement it. You will indemnify us against any negative claims or impact arising out of said marketing activities.

    The cost of marketing to and referring potential Leads to PAWmedia and websites under it is solely yours. You promise not to use any media that is discriminatory, offensive, obscene, illegal and libelous and generally unsuitable or has violent, sexual, obscene or pornographic content.

    It is your responsibility to ensure all marketing materials and promotions are available only to people who are 18+ years.

    You will refrain from providing marketing collateral and related content to people in jurisdictions that do not permit real money gambling. You are not permitted to send SPAM with any reference to us.

    You will not actively market to anyone who has self-excluded himself; we do not offer any revenue for such marketing effort. We also hold the right to withhold future revenues should we become aware, through an internal review and investigation process, of your marketing effort to a self-excluded individual. The revenue withheld would be commensurate with the value of the funds paid out earlier to you for said marketing effort. The withheld funds will then be offered to the Responsible Gambling Trust or GambleAware.

    Mailer-driven marketing must be compliant with Section 3.13 of this Agreement. You agree not to send Leads to sites on the PAWmedia network to generate Fraud Traffic.

    3.3 Approved Marketing Materials: You agree to use only approved marketing materials, e.g. Banners, Text Links and other marketing collateral that we or the operators of the websites in the network provide you with and/or are pre-approved by us (“Marketing Materials”). You cannot modify the Marketing Materials without prior written consent.

    You will receive from us, for the duration of this Agreement, a terminable, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use Marketing Materials to market to and provide potential Leads to the Website. We provide you the guidelines, artwork and permitted text for use in our Marketing Materials. You cannot use Marketing Materials or promotional materials from us in any way other than what is allowed by the terms of the agreement between us.

    3.4 Competitive Marketing: If you are already using trackers from any websites on the network directly, you are not permitted to market to potential Leads and must desist from offering promotions through our Tracker.

    3.5 Non-Assignment: You agree not to assign Trackers to others without written consent from us.

    3.6 Sub-Affiliates. We reserve the right to enter into agreements with affiliates on the PAWmedia network with the intent of referring other affiliates.

    3.7 Commercial Use Only: You agree not to defraud us by signing up or depositing into the account of any Lead on our network – directly or indirectly – for your personal use or to fraudulently boost the Affiliate Commissions payable to you.

    This agreement is for commercial use only. You are not permitted to receive Affiliate Commissions on your own Lead’s account. Any violation of this clause is considered an attempt to generate Fraud Traffic and will be responded to accordingly.

    3.8 Incentives: We strictly ban incentive marketing – giving free cash, free bankrolls or special gifts as incentive for registration – on our network. Any Affiliate engaged in incentive marketing will likely not receive CPA payments from us for such activities unless they have written pre-approval from us.

    3.9 Good Faith Marketing: You agree not to benefit – knowingly or unknowingly – from Fraud Traffic. We reserve the right to withhold or deduct funds generated by Fraud Traffic from your Affiliate Commissions. We also reserve the right to suspend all payments due and recover any payments made and terminate this Agreement immediately in the event that it is determined that you engaged in such activity knowingly and with intent to defraud us.

    3.10 Player Information: Any Lead who opens an account with any of the sites on the PAWmedia network is automatically bound by the individual policies, guidelines and terms & conditions of those sites. Operators of these websites have the right to refuse service to a potential Lead or terminate a Lead account at their discretion. Any information about the Lead remains the sole and exclusive property of the website where the Lead has opened an account. You do not have rights to such information except as mentioned here.

    3.11 Trademarks and Domain Names: The reference to unauthorized use of trademarks in the definition of Fraud Traffic in Section 2 includes use of trademarks, domain names and/or trade names similar to or containing the PAWmedia name or any name or trademark owned by us or our affiliates ("Our Marks") without prior written consent. You agree not to register any marks or names that have or are similar to Our Marks. Such registration will be automatically transferred to us.

    The restrictions listed in Section 3.4 (Competitive Marketing) below include the use of Our Marks for any websites without our prior written consent. For instance, you are not allowed to use Our Marks on websites that have links of a competitor unless approved by us. The sole purpose of you using Our Marks and related Marketing Materials is limited to bringing Internet users to the websites on our network. Use of Our Marks doesn’t make you their owners.

    3.12 Proprietary Rights. All content on the Website – photos, graphics, animations, images, text, audio, video, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and any visual design elements or concepts (collectively referred to henceforth as “Site Content”) – are the property of PAWmedia and its companies and licensors. Our Site Content is protected by copyright and intellectual property rights.

    You agree hereby that using the Website and any Service it offers gives you no right whatsoever to the Site Content wholly or in part. You are not allowed to copy, duplicate, replicate or reuse any of the Site Content without prior written permission from PAWmedia Limited.

    3.13 E-mail Marketing Practices: All e-mailing practices to promote Trackers on the network must be compliant with the following standards:

    3.13.1 Compliance with SPAM Requirements: Any e-mail marketing practice you engage in must be compliant with all federal, state and local laws governing these practices. The following are some of the activities to be aware of:

    3.13.2 Subject lines in all e-mails must be accurate, clear and relevant to the content of the mails.

    3.13.3 You cannot falsify or hide the sender’s address or identity in the e-mail.

    3.13.4 The e-mail must have a proper name, and not a marketing message or any such abstraction.

    3.13.5 The sender’s address must be active for at least thirty (30) days after the e-mail is sent.

    3.13.6 The e-mail must have a physical business address listed.

    3.13.7 Customers must have the freedom to remove themselves from your mailing list at any time.

    3.13.8. Every e-mail or message you send must have a conspicuous and functional ‘opt-out’ or ‘unsubscribe’ option.

    3.13.9 All requests to ‘opt-out’ must be responded to and honored within five (5) days or at least before sending out the next e-mailer.

    3.14 Lawfully Obtained Lists: You agree not to send e-mails to any e-mail address that has been unlawfully obtained or are not in conformance with the following:

    3.14.1 Confirmed Opt-In: Any e-mail on a mailing list must have the explicit permission of the e-mail recipient allowing you to put them on the list. On receipt of such permission the e-mail sender sends a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail recipient. The recipient then confirms permission by clicking on a link provided in the e-mail or by e-mailing back. Only when this double opt-in is confirmed will the recipient’s mail-id be on mailing lists of the sender and they can receive promotional e-mails, informational e-mails, and paid or unpaid newsletters. Promotional materials will NOT be included in single opt-in confirmations.

    3.14.2 One to One: The recipient of e-mails already has a business relationship with the operator of the mailing list and the recipient has agreed to receive mails with personalized content directly relating to their business with the company, including but not limited to e-bills, confirmation of transaction and e-statements.


    4.1 Reports: Once your Affiliate Login/Name has been generated we track Lead activities for each Tracker and report on it in order to calculate the Affiliate Commissions for you. The information is available on your account Dashboard.

    A detailed monthly report containing full information about your affiliate commission will be sent to your email address (provided in your account information) around the 25th of each month (with a possible 5 day delay). Payments are processed after receiving the monthly report.

    The form, content and update frequency for each site depends on the individual updates for each site. There may be lag in reporting stats from the backend owing to technical difficulties that could arise due to the system in use; at such instances you are welcome to request a manual check at a specific site. The time period from receipt of request to delivery of report is 72 hours.

    4.2 Affiliate Commission: Affiliate Commissions are calculated and finalized within twenty five (25) days of close of the previous month, unless agreed upon otherwise and is subject to the terms laid out in Section 4.4 below.

    We are not responsible for Operators withholding Affiliate Commissions from you because of refusal or inability to pay.

    We will not pay out Affiliate Commissions if we deem that you have generated revenue without actively promoting an Operator’s site.

    4.3 Payment Methods: Each Affiliate can choose from multiple payment methods for collecting Affiliate Commissions. Payment is usually done through the method they have selected in their affiliate area at <>. All payments are in US Dollars or EUR. If we are not able to pay you using your preferred payment method we will do so through Skrill, wire transfer, intra-account transfers or any other such method that we may deem fit. You will cover all charges for wire transfers and courier deliveries and they will be deducted from your Affiliate Commissions.

    4.4 Time of Payment: The Affiliate Commission, once finalized as per Section 4.2, will be paid out on or around the 25th of each month. The minimum Commission paid out each month is €25 Total monthly Affiliate Commissions for all your Trackers lower than €25 will be carried over to the next month and this will continue till such time as the total is over €25. Any negative Commission amounts for a month will also be carried over to the following month and deducted from the total therein.

    4.41  Affiliate shall be responsible for updating their payment information at Edit Profile menu panel in due time. Should PokerAffiliateWare not be in possession of the User’s payment information within sixty (60) days after the end of the respective calendar month, in which the commission would have been earned, such commission and bonus payment shall be forfeited.

    4.5 Holdover for Fraud Traffic: in case of suspicion of fraud payments will be delayed for up to one hundred and eighty (180) days. During this period the entire account will be investigated and all relevant transactions verified. If Fraud Traffic is confirmed or any activity found to be against the terms and spirit of this Agreement we reserve the right to recalculate or even suspend your Affiliate Commissions. Such investigation is conducted in collaboration with the Operators of the sites on the network.

    We are not obliged or bound in any form whatsoever to pay for Leads that are fake or fraudulent and likely to be responsible for Fraud Traffic. Any Affiliate who does not pay us for an individual Affiliate Tracker will not receive payments from us.

    4.6 Lead Tracking: As per this Agreement, for you to receive Affiliate Commissions for any potential Leads, they must be linked to us through a valid Tracking URL. Alternatively, they could have a valid Sign-Up Bonus Code that they can enter at the time of registering with us. We are not responsible for the Lead’s inability to enter the correct Sign-Up Bonus Code and this in turn will impact the payment of Affiliate Commissions.

    We reserve the right to change our tracking system and other elements at any given time. Affiliates are welcome to request a manual check of their Trackers at the sites they are promoting at any point in time to work around this. All trackers are the property of the provider; the Affiliate doesn’t own them and cannot transfer them, sell them or use them as collateral against loans.

    4.7 Disputes: In the event of a disagreement between you and us regarding the monthly reports and the Affiliate Commissions payable, please do NOT accept the payment. Instead, send us written notice of your conflict or disagreement. All such notices must reach us within thirty (30) days of the end of the month for which the payment is due. Your right to dispute a report or payment will expire if the notice reaches us later than the time period mentioned here. Any payments made or acceptance of payments by you will be considered the final settlement for that specific month.

    4.8 Negative Gross Revenue (NGR): Any Negative Gross Revenue for a month will be carried forward and deducted from the Gross Revenue of the following month or months (carry over is till such time as the Gross Revenue is sufficient enough for the NGR to be deducted from) up to a maximum of three (3) consecutive months. We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement by sending a written notice to you if the NGR remains for more than 3 months.


    5.1 Term and Termination: This Agreement is effective the moment you begin promoting sites on our network and will remain in place until it is terminated as per the terms mentioned here. We reserve the right to reject your application to be part of our Affiliate Program for a period of seven (7) days from when we receive your Trackers. Any decision to reject your application will be communicated to you and the Trackers will be rendered inoperative after such notification is issued.

    5.2 Termination by You: You have the right to terminate this Agreement by sending us a written notice of your decision. You are free to stop marketing through our network at any given point in time and have the right to request us not to offer you revenue from PAWmedia; then you will not receive any revenues from us since the time of receipt of such notification.

    5.3 Termination by Us: We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement by providing you a 30-day written notice. We also reserve the right to terminate this Agreement instantly in the following situations:

    5.3.1 You are in breach of the Agreement and have not remedied the breach within fifteen (15) days of us notifying you about said breach.

    5.3.2 You have been found to be party to and benefited from Fraud Traffic.

    5.3.3 You have provided us with a total of less than one (1) new Lead for sixty (60) days prior to our issuance of the termination notice.

    5.3.4 We found, after accurate and detailed audits, that either of the parties were trading insolvently or were running at a loss for more than a year.

    5.3.5 We deemed an Affiliate inactive and are therefore free to terminate their Affiliate account without prior notification of the same.

    5.4 Effect of Termination: Once an account is terminated the following will come into effect from the termination date:

    5.4.1 You shall desist from promoting any sites on our network with immediate effect.

    5.4.2 All licenses and rights granted to you will be immediately cancelled.

    5.4.3 You will stop using any of Our Marks and Services with immediate effect and return back to us all confidential information and communication you have received from us.

    5.4.4 We reserve the right to leave open, redirect or use in any other way we deem fit without paying you the Leads provided by you who have become legal users of any member on our network by registering with it through any of the Trackers.

    5.4.5 We reserve the right to stop Affiliate Commissions payments to you for activity by any of the Leads and/or referral by them to the network after the termination of this Agreement. Any payment beyond the termination of an Agreement will be at the discretion of the network.

    5.4.5 We reserve the right to stop, terminate and freeze all your Affiliate Commissions if you are in breach of provisions laid out in Section 3.

    5.4.6 An account that has seen no activity for at least 9 months is considered an inactive account. We reserve the right to annul such an account after sending you written notification of the same. Should an Affiliate account be terminated all Trackers for it will be disabled and Affiliate Commissions accumulated till the point of termination will not be paid out. You also forfeit the right to send us notification of pending Affiliate Commissions on termination of the inactive account.

    5.4.7. You can send us a request for reactivation of an inactive Account. Any reactivation will be at the sole discretion of PAWmedia. Reactivation will not grant you access to any forfeited funds on the Account.



    6.2 Billing and Collection Limitations: To bring down the incidence of Fraud Traffic, all Operators on our network retain the right to, at their discretion, block or limit Leads, registrations, deposits and also play patterns by any means they deem fit. We, however, do not offer any warranties or guarantees pertaining to the success of such regulatory efforts.

    6.3 Liability Limitations: While we have certain obligations by being party to this Agreement, they are not related to the personal commitments of the owners, directors, employees, office bearers, agents, suppliers and vendors of our network. Any liability generated as a result of this Agreement will be corrected using the revenues generated from the activities laid out as part of this Agreement. We are only liable for direct damages and not for special, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive loss, or any injury or damage whatsoever.

    6.4 Indemnification: You are liable to defend, indemnify and also not hold us – including our directors, officers, employees and representatives responsible – for any and all losses, damages, liabilities, and expenses resulting from a breach of this Agreement by you.





    8.1 Notices. All notifications relating to the Agreement will be sent through e-mail. You will receive them at the e-mail id you have provided at the time of opening an account. E-mail notifications to us will be sent at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    8.2 Relationship of Parties. While the relationship between us and you through this Agreement is a business relationship it is not one of exclusivity, employment, agency, franchise, partnership or even joint venture. None of the parties in this Agreement is authorized to bind the other or assume obligations on behalf of the other in any way other than what is stipulated through the terms of this Agreement. None of the segments of this Agreement is designed to provide rights, remedies or benefits to any person or entity outside of the parties in this Agreement.

    8.3 Non-Exclusive. This is a non-exclusive Agreement and entitles us at any time – directly or indirectly – to enter into marketing-related terms with other affiliates. The terms entered into with another affiliate may be different to the terms binding this Agreement or may even bear similarities to the terms of this Agreement.

    8.4 Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure. As part of this Agreement you will likely receive from us confidential information about our marketing strategies and plans, our marketing concepts, organizational structure, payment-related information, and other details about us and our business that is proprietary. You are not authorized to disclose any of this information to third parties without written consent from us.

    8.5 Press. You are not authorized to release statements to the press about this Agreement or your membership of and participation in our Affiliate Program without written consent from us.

    8.6 Assignment. You will not be assigned this Agreement and all rights and obligations assigned to you without our express written consent.

    8.7 Governing Law. This Agreement is governed by and is in compliance with the laws of the Municipal Court in Sarajevo. You agree unconditionally to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Municipal Court in Sarajevo when it comes to settlement of disputes arising because of this Agreement.

    8.8 Force Majeure. None of the parties to this Agreement is liable for any damage, faultiness or malfunction of equipment, non-performance, and/or results arising out of them caused by flood, fire, any of the other elements, labor disputes, power failures, natural or man-made accidents like explosions, governmental actions, change in laws, lack of transportation, acts of omission or any other such cause that is not beyond the control of the parties in this Agreement (“Force Majeure Event”). Either of the parties reserves the right to terminate this Agreement by notifying the other party immediately if a Force Majeure situation remains in place for a period of 60 consecutive days.

    8.9 Severability/Waiver. Every provision listed out in the Agreement will be interpreted to be effective and valid under applicable law whenever this is possible. However, should any provision of this Agreement be deemed illegal, invalid or non-enforceable, it will be ineffective only for those non-enforceable or invalid conditions. The rest of the Agreement will not be rendered invalid.

    8.10 Waiver. There will be no waiver granted from failure to implement any of the rights, or from conduct, without our prior written consent.

    8.11 Modification. We reserve the right to modify any section or terms of this Agreement at any point in time. We reserve the right to do this by any of the following means:

    Informing you of the change through e-mail.

    Updating the latest version of the Agreement on our Website.

    The responsibility of ensuring you are following the latest version of the Agreement lies solely with you. To find out the last point of modification of the Agreement check the ‘Last updated’ legend at the bottom of the Agreement page.


    8.12 Entire Agreement. This Agreement encapsulates the content of the agreement between the parties involved. It also supersedes any understanding or agreement between the parties, either written or oral, at any earlier point in time.