Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How much does it cost to be an affiliate on PokerAffiliateWare?
There is no cost to Becoming an affiliate through PokerAffiliateWare. It is completely free.
How can I get help from PokerAffiliateWare?
A personalized help service is provided to all of our registered affiliates.   Here is how it works: When you sign up to be a PAW affiliate, you will find the contact details of your personal affiliate manager on your dashboard. This person’s job is to help you get the most out of the PAW affiliate program. This includes assisting you with specific things like promotions, commission models, marketing tools and any other thing that will help you achieve your goals and be successful in the affiliate business.
Can I use PokerAffiliateWare services if I don’t have a website?
Yes! Simply contact your personal affiliate manager and let him guide you through all the alternative ways of promoting our affiliate programs.

Payments and Reporting

What payments methods are available:
PokerAffiliateWare offers a variety of ways to receive your payment. Skrill: (minimum $25) Neteller: (minimum $25) Paypal: (minimum $25)
How are Gross deals calculated?
There are no deductions at all. For example: you signed a player at William Hill and he raked $2280 on the first month. He will get the first deposit bonus (William Hill bonus Clear Rate is 29,4%) $2280 x 0,294 = $670. In this case the player will also get a VIP cashback of about 30% x 2280 = $684 (The VIP cashback can be from 18% to 40% depending on what time the player cleared his Cashback points) Your commission here will be $2280 x 15% = $342
What is a CPA deal?
CPA stands for Cost Per Action. This is a deal that means the affiliate is paid a one-time sum of money if he successfully refers a user to the advertiser’s website or service. This kind of deal can be offered on its own or in combination with a revenue share deal (a hybrid deal).    
How is a Revenue share deal calculated?
(Rake + tournament fees) - (bonuses + admin fee) = Net. For example:  You signed a new player at Betway Poker. The first month your Player raked $1000. This player will receive $300 in Rakeback and he will also receive $100 in Deposit bonus (Clear Rate is 10% at Betway Poker). Then your commission will be:  (rake + tournament fees $1000) - (bonuses + charge backs$400) = Net Gaming $600 x 30% = $180. So the first month you will make $180 in earnings from this player.
How frequently do affiliates get report updates?
Reports are updated each working day, 5 times per week. Delays are sometimes possible but your personal affiliate manager is always available for support on these issues and related issues.
When do affiliates get their monthly payments?
All affiliate and player payments for the previous month’s activity are paid on the 25th of each next calendar month. The preferred payment method is chosen on your PAW affiliate dashboard.
Why does my stats report look different than the last time I checked?
Due to the vast amount of data, the statistical information from various brands and affiliate programs we work with is gathered automatically. In order to confirm the accuracy of this data, we at PAW double check all the information provided to us. This process is in place to make sure of the absolute accuracy of all statistical data. These corrections sometimes cause changes in the information contained in your stat report. Reasons for these changes often include fraudulent activity, shifts in the reporting system and disqualified players. All questions about these matters can be quickly answered by our customer support service via this email address: [email protected].


Can I submit news/articles from my company?
Yes, this is possible. You can submit any news that you believe would be useful or interesting to our community/network. If we consider the news/article to be something that would be valuable to our community, we will gladly publish it. For more info please contact our customer support at [email protected]


How much do IGaming Affiliates earn?
It is hard to give a solid answer on this because we know affiliates that make over $100k a month, but we also know ones that don't make a single dollar.
How can PokerAffiliateWare offer such good offers/deals?
PokerAffiliateWare has been in the affiliate business for a long time. A lot of affiliates have been using our services/software/programs which enabled us to create a lot of traffic to advertisers’ brands. That is the reason we can offer these type of deals. 
What is PokerAffiliateWare?
PokerAffiliateWare is an iGaming affiliate network where you can promote up to 100 Gambling Affiliate programs from 1 account. PokerAffiliateWare has affiliate programs for Poker, Casino, Sportsbook and binary options brands.
Commonly used terms
Real Money Player (RMP): a user of a gaming website who has paid one of the specified currencies as a deposit or to unlock part of the game.
If I have more than one website, do I need a separate account for each?
It is best if you use the same account for all your websites. However, you can use a different tracker URLs to define different sites. Tracker URLs have an ID that allows you to see detailed reports for each site separately. If you need more Tracker URLs, please contact our support team at [email protected]
Where can I get updates on news and promotions?
Check your message box in your PAW account for news and updates such as a new affiliate program, promotion, and other stuff happening on PokerAffiliateWare. You can check our website promotion page for the latest information on our promotions. ( In addition, please make sure to read our emails. As we send updates describing special events and offerings on a regular basis, that is one of the best ways to know what is going on with the program and products. If you have any specific questions about this topic, feel free to contact your affiliate manager.