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10 Reasons Why Poker & Affiliate Marketing Work Great Together!

Monday, 27 January 2020

Most successful poker affiliates are also poker players. This is not a surprise to anyone who knows anything about poker or something about the affiliate business. 

If you are still wondering what are the links between playing poker and being a successful affiliate, take a look below:

1. You know the game(s)!

It is said that, in order to successfully promote anything, you need to know the product. In other worlds, the ones who know the product the best are its users. For this simple reason, poker players are in the best position to successfully promote online poker.

2. You know the networks! 

Just like with the game itself, knowing the networks is like knowing the map of the territory. This is essential information that helps you navigate what networks are best for what markets. Knowing this territory is a great advantage!

3. You understand what is rakeback (and how bonuses work)!

This information is one of the primary lures to any new player and knowing it is crucial in being able to successfully sell a product or offer. 

4. You already have friends that play poker!

Your friends are usually pretty  easy to reach and if you can offer them better deals than the ones they already have, they can become your first target group. Being able to get them on a great poker deal will both of you! Signing up 5 to 10 good player friends could make you an extra 200$ to 1000$ per month.

5. You choose when and where you work (or rest)!


Grinding on poker tables, looking for players or doing nothing, it’s all your choice! You are your own boss so you might as well enjoy it!




6. You know all the good online poker communities!

Online forums and similar poker communities are also a great place to start finding connections and starting your affiliate business. 


7. Promotion is free! 

Making a Facebook group, starting a live-streaming or video channel is free. Use any means you can to promote your product. The more outlets you use, the bigger the probability of success.


8. Your only investment is time!

Time is the only real value and in the case of affiliation business, you control when and how much you work.


9. Affiliate business brings in passive income! 

Most affiliate deals are life-time deals which means that as soon as you have players signed,  money just keeps rolling in.




10. Deals work well for both players and affiliates!

Players get more money back and affiliates build up their share of commission % from the rooms too. This means that most players that like poker will love these arrangements and enjoy playing even more. 

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