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5 Best Poker Deals In 2019!

Thursday, 12 September 2019


We’ve compiled an ultimate list of poker deals that both you and your players will absolutely love. Any sensible player will see this as no less than a royal flush.

Check them out. 


1. BestPoker (GGnetwork)


Recently, BestPoker became the second biggest poker site just after PokerStars. Its growth is completely understandable when you know how good the BestPoker offer is:


  • 60% Gross Deal!
  • Cashback Deducted! (fish buffet from 15-50%; on average, if your players hit 30% you make 30$ every time your players rake 100$)


2. TigerGaming Poker (Chico Network)  


TigerGaming is known and loved by players for its super soft games. However, this deal is not soft at all:


  • 25% Revenue Share Commission!
  • Player get 2500$ Welcome Bonus (clear at 20%)
  • After your players clear the welcome bonus you're making 25$ every time they rake 100$!


3. FullTilt Poker (Independent) 


The good old FullTils is now basically the same as PokerStars. Except that on FullTilt you can now make a brand new account. BTW, did we mention Gus Hansen is there, playing some sick PLO?


  • 20% Revenue Share Commission!
  • Same player pool as PokerStars! 
  • You can make a new account even if you have an account on PokerStars!


4. BetFair Poker (iPoker Network) 


BetFair Poker is the old reliable stable on the iPoker Network and it offers one of the best deals out there. The 4th best to be precise.


  • 10% Gross Commission (No Deductions)!
  • Player get flat 35% RB from WC rake
  • Exclusive Promotions from PAW:
    • Private €20,000 Rake Race! 
    • Exclusive €10,000 Micro Cash Races! 
    • Exclusive €5,000 Mini & Micro Twister Races! 
    • Exclusive €250 Weekly Loyalty Freeroll! 


5. PartyPoker (Independent)


PartyPoker speaks for itself. No introduction necessary. Sign or retag players with PokerAffiliateWare and get:


  • 30% Revenue Share Commission!
  • Up to 40% Cashback for Players!


To start promoting and earning commission on this and other deals, log in to your PokerAffiliateWare account and get your free promotion tracking links. 

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