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Friday, 04 March 2016



In a world driven by rapid technological advances, everything is changing and the idea of a modern workplace is no exception. Just a few years ago, the idea of “work” seemed much different than today. As the effect of new technology creeps deeper into our daily lives, even the phrase “going to work” no longer necessarily means changing your location.

Today, work is actually more about completing tasks, efficiency and “getting things done”. This means that if you are able to successfully complete your daily tasks, your location doesn’t really matter that much.


Just six years ago in 2010, The Wall Street Journal reported that 6.6% of the entire U.S. workforce (around 10 million workers) worked their primary job from home. From that time, the number have risen significantly. In 2012, Reuters reported the poll that predicted that telecommuting is a trend that will surely continue - 34% of telecommuters said they would likely work from home full time if they were given a chance. The latest report from Forrester Research US Telecommuting Forecast in 2013, lays claim that a tremendous 34 million U.S. workers actually work from home. By 2016, this number was predicted to reach an even more staggering 63 million workers (43% of the total U.S. workforce).



One of the more interesting effects of this trend is actually connected to the companies’ employment strategies. As the trend rises, it will be reasonable to assume the companies will be more inclined to recruit their workforce from a vastly expanded global workforce. This will open up a vast number of opportunities for skilled workers worldwide.

It is important to say that working from home doesn’t only benefit the workers but also the companies who allow the policy. As the Wall Street Journal reported earlier, the companies that do allow home working at least three times a month tend to grow faster and log at least 10 percent more revenue rise than companies without such policies. Cisco for example reported huge $277 million in annual savings only by allowing employees to work from home.

The strategy is bound to save money on many sides. From the companies perspective, there will be considerably less costs spent on infrastructure, maintenance etc; while the employees will spend less on commuting, have more flexible working arrangements and ultimately - much more satisfaction.

With all this information, it is only reasonable to assume that home working is definitely here to stay. It is now up to all of us, employees, managers and employers to find ways to adapt to the changing situation.



Working from home seems like an alluring idea. When stuck in the office waiting for the clock to mark an end to a long day, there is probably no place you’d rather be than home. But, as anyone with some experience will tell you, this type of arrangement is not always as easy as you might imagine.


Starting from suddenly eliminated commuting and travel costs, the benefits of this arrangement seem very tempting. If you do it the right way, you could eventually: increase your productivity; spend more time with your family; eat better; save more and even earn more money.


It is easy to think only of the benefits but once the actual job starts you might be risking a tough revelation on your abilities to be productive at your home environment. As always, having a clear plan or an organizing concept helps a lot. So, in order to create the best conditions, you must first think about your individual traits - what makes you tick, when and in what conditions you are most effective etc.

If you are a self-publisher or someone who tasks him/herself then making sure you give yourself enough work from the beginning is essential. This will not allow you to use the free time to develop procrastination or some other bad habit that might tamper your success.



In order to avoid the potential pitfalls, preparation for this kind of work is necessary. One of the first things you should do in order to get yourself ready is evaluation. Take a look at your home and think about the place where you could set up your “home office”. Look also at all the possible distractions and most importantly - don’t forget to consider your own strengths and weaknesses in this new situation. Be reasonable and honest - study all the ways you can use your skills to achieve the desired goal and make your home a proper working environment.


Many people choose to work from home because they want to be closer to their family. Others though find leaving their home for several hours to go to the office a necessary and welcome departure. While this is a matter of individual preference, it is important to note some factors worth considering in context of working from a family home. 

Setting boundaries for your family members is important in order to maintain your efficiency. So, set up a home office and restrict access in certain periods of time. Make your work hours known and ask your family members to respect it. In properly functioning families, this should not be very hard and it will allow you to earn a more enjoyable existence for you all.


Finding a part time job to work from home is probably easier than ever. There is a growing number of occupations you can consider and choose from. Most of these are related to the IT industry but there are also other options (for example, in the affiliate business with PAW). Even if you already have an office job that doesn’t take up all of your time, working part-time from home as a side project might be a great idea. Unless there is a specific clause in your contract that forbids you to engage in this kind of activity in your spare time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. We all have to make our fortunes and using what you got is something you need to do to secure yourself a better existence.



Working from home is quite literally – what you make of it.


Imagine yourself as your own boss and take that role with the commitment – not only to be lenient, but effective and successful. Most people find this to be one of the biggest challenges and if you are one of them, you might consider joining a community of people doing the same job. This will support and motivate you to constantly move forward and even compete with your colleagues. We at Poker Affiliate Ware offer a team of people that support our partners and guide them through their first steps and hardships. Joining our community is one of the ways you can start working from home effectively.

Now, more than ever, it is all up to you. If you decide to try a home working career in the affiliate business – make sure you contact us at Poker Affiliate Ware. We’ll be at your disposal for anything you need!

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