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Monday, 11 January 2016

Daily fantasy sports explained - the future of sports gaming

The rising popularity of Daily Fantasy Sports (DNS) makes it an interesting new market, not only in the US (where it has its best results), but also abroad. Before we take a peek in the possible future of this relatively new industry, let's take a look at where it stands at the moment.

During the last few months of 2015, approximately five year old industry has reported enormous growth. Forbes magazine widely reported on a Hyper-growth” of the Daily Fantasy Sports in the US and Fantasy Sports Trade Association reported an estimated 51.8 million players in the US and Canada in 2015. This certainly sound like great news for affiliate marketers but here are more things to take into consideration.

How do the games work?

The nature of online games offered by leading industry giants alike FanTeam and FanDuel are different and much more flexible than their earlier counterparts in the fantasy sports industry.

Instead of choosing only one team in the beginning of the season, FanTeam and FanDuel let you choose players from different teams playing on any given date and the end result is calculated based on the combined performance of your picks in real games. The number of possible outcomes is countless.

So, first you pick a sport, name a team (or teams) and draft different players from different teams playing on that day. The real stats of your chosen players will be tracked, calculated and imported in your app. As in reality, the choice of your roster is restricted with a “salary cap” and the skill is to pick (draft) the most efficient combination of players whose stats on that given day will be better than others’.

Put simply, compared to sport betting where you always rely on the outcome of a game (or more games), daily fantasy sports offers innumerous solutions and outcomes that are relative to your unique choice. This makes the game more fun, rich and interesting than any existing sport betting option currently available on the market.

Chance vs. Skill - The Question of Legality

The best players in fantasy sports often invest a lot of work in their choices, taking account of teams’ and players’ condition, fitness and other important factors. For this reason exactly, DNS is not classified as playing a game of chance (gambling) but a game skill.

This fact is very important because this classification puts DNS and gambling in different positions concerning legal restrictions on marketing, taxes etc. However, it is important to note that some states (such as New York and Louisiana) have challenged this classification but the legal battle is still considered ongoing.As far as players chances of winning are concerned, top players are usually the ones investing more time and energy into developing their game.That is to say, players that are ready to invest their time and skill to analyse teams’ and players’ ability, their overall condition and current situations have a definitive advantage over players that rely merely on chance.

This, however should not detract the average sports lover because (contrary to poker, casino and other games), information on sports, players and teams conditions is readily available to any sports lover over their favorite media. It just leaves you to use this info to skillfully craft the best strategy to win.

Is DNS a good promotional opportunity?

FanTeam has a great and easy website to navigate with. Website is translated in 6 languages and you can have it on: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German and Russian. FanTeam is something different and they have a daily Fantasy Sports is another type of real money.

In some way daily Fantasy Sports is similar to Poker. Dozens tournaments each week, opportunity to earn a lot, freerolls, guaranteed prize pools is something they offer. Fantasy football tournaments for every gameweek of the 12 top soccer leagues, including, but not limited to, Champions League, English Premier League, Bundesliga.

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