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SEO Trends For 2021

Friday, 08 January 2021



High quality content became a decisive factor for your website’s rank popularity a long time ago and it’s still in first place. The better content you create, the more people notice you and your work becomes appreciated. 


Google doesn’t like poorly written text and will put you down very quickly if you can’t meet users’ needs or fail to create a pleasing user experience on your website. 


Now the quality of your article is more important than the quantity of keywords used. A natural way of writing with a moderate quantity of keywords will now be your formula for success. 





Huge waves of traffic are great. You did a great job attracting various audiences to your website if you have an enormous number of viewers. However, do you really need that much?


Chasing the quantity of traffic, we often forget about the quality of it. Let’s imagine you have millions of people visiting your website on a monthly basis.


If you run a blog and your goal is more readers – congratulations, it was accomplished. If you want more buyers who take only 2-3% of that million – you have failed. In this case, you have attracted readers but not buyers.


Stop useless traffic quests and aim for real goals and audiences. 





The E.A.T. concept stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust and embodies itself in the idea of a webmaster (or a copywriter) being a real and proven professional in a niche he or she works in, and who produces publicly open content that likely won’t affect people’s well-being negatively.


Here are a couple of advices on what is important:

  1.  Introduce yourself properly: The “About” page is always the best place to enumerate all of your achievements and write about who you are and the reasons why people can use your knowledge without any fear.

  2. Gather positive reviews on other Internet platforms: your website is not the only place where people can learn about you and your work. There are many websites where people can share their opinion about different services.

  3. Backlink to and from authoritative sources: people don’t trust links nowadays. To be more accurate, people don’t trust unknown or suspicious sources, and consequently, they will not trust you. 





Even if you run a brick-and-mortar business, what the lockdowns taught business owners is that you can always extend your offering with new options, for example:

  1.  Online Consultations: It will help your workers because there will be no binding to the office or a specific location. You can extend your client base and Internet popularity by placing online-consultation-focused keywords on your website.

  2. Video/Photo Tours: this is a great idea for businesses that show objects to their customers, modern technologies like 3D photography have taken the world by storm. You can use this to better extend your business to the online community.





A Great UX (user experience) will be one of the most discussed topics throughout 2021 and beyond. 


The way people navigate, investigate and feel on your website has become one of the greatest problems in SEO, especially since people started using mobile devices more than desktops.


The necessity to optimize websites for mobile devices has broken into every webmaster’s life. 





There are a lot of platforms you can use to achieve your business goals. Extend your field of operation in terms of video format and add “Social Media Marketing” to your SEO strategy.


What’s the best way to do video marketing?


Divide and rule: trim, crop and reroute a larger video and place them on Instagram Reels, Snapchat and other services can potentially bring you a lot of interested visitors. 

Just crop a long video which you will prepare for YouTube and post a short piece of it on these platforms with a link to the whole video or with the name of your YouTube channel. 





Structured data helps Google understand what the content on a page is about.


This can also help your site to become a featured snippet that will attract more and more attention. 

All you need to do is to write high-quality content with valuable keywords and structure your data (using Schema and Open Graph code) so it will be a top-notch answer for a specific query. 

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