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Tuesday, 08 October 2019

As we all know, everything about business revolves around money and money transactions. Naturally, each and every affiliate is thus interested in making the most profit out of their existing customer base. 


When it comes to poker affiliation, where the deposits and withdrawals never stop, monetizing transactions becomes an amazing source of additional profits. 


This means that, besides the commissions received for rake their users generate playing poker, affiliates would also receive a commission on all the ensuing transactions that always occur during this process. 


How it is possible to monetize these transactions to make additional money? It’s easy, just work on promoting and signing your users to services that offer these transactions!


The leaders in this area are NETELLER & Skrill. They are accepted by the majority (if not all) poker rooms and they present a perfect solution for online poker: 


  • Almost all poker rooms sites accept Skrill and NETELLER!
  • Deposits are instant and free of charge!
  • Cashouts are usually processed within 24 hours!
  • More than 25 currencies!
  • Funds can be withdrawn to bank account or VISA!
  • Prepaid MasterCard!
  • Convenient mobile app!


Also, it is worth nothing that Skrill and NETELLER are both part of the PaySafe Group - the acknowledged world-leaders in providing instant and secure online payments for millions of customers around the globe. Most asian poker rooms also accept Skrill and NETELLER, so it’s possible to make some profit out of the explosively growing popularity of online poker in this region.


What are the benefits?

It’s simple - you can earn more with your traffic.


How does it work?

Promote NETELLER & Skrill to your new and existing users and get an additional % on the transactions they make online. 


Skrill and NETELLER offer their services worldwide, so they can be advertised to the majority of your players. Moreover, you will be able to offer special benefits which are not available to regular customers:


  • Fast-track verification
  • Easier VIP status upgrades


At the same time, you will get the following affiliate advantages:


  • Revenue share - 20%!
  • Lifetime payments per referred user!
  • Unlimited maximum amount of affiliate payments per referred user!
  • Different kinds of traffic allowed!
  • Free affiliate content!
  • Personal manager!
  • High conversion from a click to connected partner*


*This is due to the fact that Skrill and NETELLER provide the opportunity to receive preferential VIP status. That is how users get their motivation to make the first deposit. Also it is important to know that PAW conditions are better than standard Skrill or NETELLER conditions.


What makes this affiliate program so outstanding is its customer lifetime value and unlimited commission payouts. 


If you agree that Skrill and NETELLER are a must-have payment solution for your player base, simply start promoting them to your traffic and get additional profits. Get your trackers - the time is now! 


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