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Wednesday, 07 August 2019

There are many factors affiliates need to consider when deciding what individual poker rooms or networks they want to advertise. While some poker rooms offer great deals for their affiliate partners, it may end up being of very little use if they don’t also have features, offers and promotions that what will actually attract players. 


"The business only works if both of these segments (offers to both players and affiliates) are at a satisfactory level."


In these terms, Chico Network actually manages to stand tall across the board! It is one of the absolute best and most lucrative poker networks for affiliates to consider. 

Although it isn’t by far one of the largest ones out there, the network actually features a solid player traffic according to Poker Scout and there is usually enough action at the tables. They also offer good scheduled tournaments for MTT players.


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Solid Brands to Promote!


"Chico Poker Network features several rooms that accept players from almost all countries around the globe, which makes the job for affiliates that much easier. "


This means you’ll be able to offer deals to your players without being restricted by their location. This way you can maintain a good relationship with your customers and prevent them from going somewhere else to look for a different deal.

Rooms within Chico Network include:

While TigerGaming doesn’t accept US players, the other two brands do, so you’ll be able to offer good deals to your US-based players as well, which is definitely a huge plus for anyone who has some American players looking to get rakeback. 

It is getting increasingly difficult to give these players what they want so Chico Poker Network offers an excellent solution.

What Do You Get as an Affiliate?

So, your players will get to play on solid rooms with decent traffic and a very good tournament schedule with plenty of guaranteed tournaments. This, alongside solid promotions and rakeback should keep your players more than happy.

But, what about your earnings as an affiliate?


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"Chico Poker Network offers a commission of up to 40% as well as 5% commission for any sub-affiliates you refer. Thus, there are some really profitable opportunities to be had here."


The network and individual rooms will also provide you with exclusive affiliate promotions that you can use to bring in even more players, improving your affiliate standing with the network and earning more money in the process.

All rooms on Chico Network feature quality software solutions, fast payouts, and dedicated support teams, so you can expect your existing players to stick around here for a while, generating profits month in and month out. 

With all these things to consider, you can rest assured Chico Poker Network is the one that you most certainly want to have in your affiliate portfolio!


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