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A Brand New Version of Hold’em on BestPoker and GG Network - Rush and Cash!

Monday, 13 May 2019

Do you hate waiting at the poker table for the next hand to be dealt?!


Of course, as we all know - everyone hates it!


Well, now there is a solution coming from BestPoker and other GG Network rooms. “Rush and Cash” is a brand new, faster variation of the most popular card game in the world.


“More hands, more fun, more rakeback!”


This is the way GG Network describes this brand new version of online poker.

Here is what’s new:


More Speed!


It’s a fast paced, action packed game that “provides all that’s exciting about poker and gets rid of everything else”. It’s non-stop action without waiting around just to click fold and watch others play.


more hands


More Rakeback!


More rakeback for all! BestPoker and GG Network are going back to the good old days of online poker by offering an incredible rakeback deal (65% rakeback for players and 10% for affiliates = 75% total rakeback!). Plus, as in the good old days, this game is actually not affected by the PVI (PlayerValueIndex)! This amazing deals is so good it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone rejecting such great value. It’s almost like going back to the good old, golden days of online poker. For professionals, this means even more money back in their accounts, while for newer players, it might mean actually making it over the real profit line.


more hands 1


More Opportunity!


Rush and Cash is so good it sounds like a poker players (and affiliates!) dream. If you are either one of the two (which you probably are if you are reading this) then this is an opportunity that should not be missed while its there.


more hands 2


Use this amazing opportunity to promote and sign as many players to this deal as possible because - it does not get much better than this.


In fact, it is our prediction that this deal is going to make an impact on the poker affiliate market at large.


So, don’t stay on the sidelines - get into the action at the right time!


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