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Dead Money, Waiting to Be Claimed! Poker Affiliation in 2019

Monday, 06 May 2019


„Online poker is dead. There is no money to be made there.“

„All players already have accounts with all the rooms and new ones just don't come along.“


These and similar statements are the reason why the number of people getting involved with poker affiliation is getting smaller by the day. There is no denying that times have changed a lot since the days of the “poker boom” and poker just doesn't seem to be the golden goose it once was.


So, why should you even bother becoming an affiliate?!


Why get involved with an industry that’s past its zenith and seems to be headed downhill!? Wouldn’t my energy be better spent doing something else!?


These are all legit questions, but - there is a catch!


All of this talk about online poker dying is only a small part of the truth. In fact, there is still a lot of money to be made!


Lets look at some of the great, positive things that are often being ignored and overlooked.




The Shrinking Competition & The Rise of Casino and Sports Betting


It is true that poker affiliation was bigger back in the day as there were more players looking for good deals and you had access to a much larger pool of potential users you could sign up.


But something else is true as well.


Back in the “golden days” of online poker, being a successful affiliate meant having to go up against a huge number of competitors and trying to outdo them in one way or another. So, while there were many players up for grabs, the number of affiliates fighting for these players was enormous.


Today, things have changed:


  • Online poker has experienced a slight decline
  • Sports betting is pretty much on the same level it’s been over the past couple of decades
  • Online casinos are growing in popularity


Thus, while reading the starting quotes in this article might get you to think there are no opportunities, the truth is in fact quite different.


Although poker is in slight decline, the rise of casino and sports betting makes the pool of potential users at least as big as it used to be. Added to that is the shrinking competition of those that believe the misleading predictions of boom or bust.




Instead of leaving the industry, experienced affiliates are adding more niche markets and including in their offer casino and sports niche, converting their existing sites or creating new ones, using their SEO expertise to target potential casino and sport players on Google.


Which is great for you as you don’t have to deal with competition and can focus on building the best affiliate business you can!


Actual Knowledge Trumps SEO – Every Time!


Here’s something else all the SEO experts and technology geeks don’t like to talk about and will never admit:


SEO isn’t the “end all be all” of the internet.


Sure, it can help you get to that coveted first page of Google but this isn’t where your job stops. At least not if you want to be successful and stay around.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who has a decent amount of poker experience. You have probably played poker (or perhaps still play) at some point in your life and have the inside knowledge of the game.




YOU have the kind of information players are looking for!


  • You know the games and rake structures!
  • You know how rakeback works and why it is important!
  • You can tell them about what rooms and networks provide good action!
  • You know all the good deals out there!
  • You keep up with the trends and know about poker software (HEM, PT4)!
  • You know about big MTTs and tournament series!


So, pure and simple, you offer VALUE – and value is always appreciated!


On top of this, you probably know some poker players already, who can help you get the ball rolling. You may not earn as much money right at the start but signing up a few players to kick things off will do wonders for your motivation and a bit of money you earn, you can use to improve your business.


Untitled Design 58


(No Matter What They Say) Online Poker Will NEVER Die!


Online poker is uniquely positioned in the online gaming world. It is the only game where you can actually use your skills and knowledge to consistently make money clicking mouse buttons and playing cards. It is also a challenge to all those who think it is all pure luck. 


All the gamblers out there will never stop playing poker because, to them, it is just another table game, with the added benefit of taking money from real-life opponents. Good players will stick around because, well because they’re GOOD and they can make money playing.


And you, with your knowledge and resources are in a great position to capitalize on all this.


You’re ahead of all the generic affiliates and their SEO nonsense. You just need to be brave and think outside of the box!


Forget About Negativity & Start Today!


You have the tools, you have the idea, and you know it WORKS.


Make that first step and actually get on with it. You’re inches away from becoming a successful poker affiliate but you need to go across that invisible line.


Yes, that first step is usually the hardest one. Yes, that first step is the one most people never take. Don’t be those people!


There are countless ways to go about starting things up and all they will cost you is a bit of your time.


Sign up a few of your friends if you don’t have any cash at hand. Or, if you can, set up a site and go from there.


Untitled Design 60


You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.


See what other big affiliate sites did in the past and use that as a starting point. Then you can add bits and pieces on your own to make the site really stand out. With time, you will need to make your site grow and add more content.


But, to start, you can simply personalize it with your own stuff, like:


  • Strategy articles
  • Poker vlogs
  • Entertaining poker blogs
  • Poker memes or whatever else you might be good at


It’s not about money – it’s more about ideas and their realization and if you have the patience, you can go a long way.


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Don’t Leave Money on the Table!


The bottom line is, there is money to be made through poker affiliation. A LOT of money!


Just because graphs are showing a small drop it doesn’t mean online poker is dead – far from it! Take advantage of the situation where people seem to be following this misplaced idea to line your pockets with big bucks.


Good luck and see you on the other side!

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