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The Most Reliable SEO Tips for Gaming

Thursday, 04 May 2017

The digital marketing platform has been revolutionized by the ever-evolving Search Engine Optimization. Leading search engines such as Google are always on the prowl to make user experience excellent by coming up with ways of delivering targeted search results accurately and promptly. They also switch their algorithms frequently to accommodate the changes in SEO and digital marketing. That can be a big blow to the SERPs of most sites, particularly in the online gaming industry, if they don't adapt to these changes. It is, therefore, important to lay out a robust SEO baseline that will see your site through any shifts in the marketing strategies.

These are some of the ways to accomplish that.

Web Categorization and Topical Trust Flow

The SEO tools in 2017 have gone a step further to categorize the web by domains, web pages and subdomains, which is a big step for online marketers and business analysts. The new categorization strategy differs from the previous Open Directory Project in which sites that weren’t in the manually reviewed directory were considered not classified. Categorization now shows the exact location of pages within a site or any topic within a particular page by following the topical trust flow.

Topical Trust Flow

The application of topic trust flow could be demonstrated in the gaming category as follows. A leading SEO tool,, can be used to find the online gaming most authoritative site between and for instance. From the comparison of their topic trust flows, there is little overlap because both the two gaming sites have notable credence in the games and gambling sections.


pokerstop analyze flopturnriver analyze

Backlinks and Crowd Marketing

Mixing of purchased links with the ones acquired naturally can provide excellent results with regards to a gaming site’s SERPs. Use multiple link-building strategies while also providing excellent-quality backlinks through crowd marketing.

Site Optimization for Phones

Most gaming sites now offer their casino and poker services on mobile phones either through downloadable apps or mobile optimized websites. Google recently adopted an indexing strategy for mobile sites which is quite different from the contemporary site indexing. This will lead to prioritizing of mobile websites in the search listings. Therefore, websites have to adopt mobile optimization to perform better in the search results.

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