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Thursday, 16 March 2017

In case you missed one of our previous articles about Natural8, where we shortly wrote about the GG Network and the long time coming Asian Poker Boom, here is a quick reminder of some facts.


So, what is the GG network about?

GG Network is the most popular online poker gaming network in Asia!

The company is based in Ireland and it consists of more than 20 brands, over a 100 partners and more than a million active users.

In recent years, GG Network has focused its efforts on expansion throughout the world, mainly Europe, South America and Australia. More and more partners are joining in and more countries are being connected with its network. So, it's expanding quite rapidly and the user base is full of fresh new players from a previously untapped market.

Perfect for affiliates and all serious online poker enthusiasts.



Ok, but what is the network actually like? What is it like for users?

Well, aside from the expansion in numbers, one of the most compelling things about GG network is its commitment to preserving the pureness of the online gaming experience. This is something the GG Network calls “Poker Ecology”. It represents a set of basic rules and guidelines (like any poker network has) aimed at preserving the fairness and quality of the experience and maintaining the atmosphere of safe, fun and exciting competition.

They really try very hard to limit and control all the exploitative practices often found in most other networks. This is the probably the most important aspect of GG Network. It is the one that makes it the favorite among seriously informed poker enthusiasts and recreational players that don’t want to end up as someone easy prey.




What about the features? Is there anything special on offer?

Like all the best and most serious networks in the industry, GG Network is available and accessible through all popular platforms from Android to Windows and iOS. This means you can easily play, synchronize and switch between different platforms and devices.

Other than that, GG Network is full of fun, social and quite innovative features.

For example, it is possible to organize customized private tournaments and VIP rooms exclusive only to your selected players or friends.

Tables are equipped with GG Network unique features like an “All-in insurance”, “Shout out” and “Run it three times” – all designed to make the experience more fun and exciting for everyone.

If you haven’t tried it, we strongly recommend you give it a shot. It’s really one of those rare examples where the new feature is not only a gimmick but a really neat thing you enjoy and get used to.




Also, one of the more interesting features is the one called “Pokercraft”.

It allows players a unique way of keeping track of the progress of their play. Using “Pokercraft”, allows you a simple way to filter and review any range of games in your history. This is a really exciting feature as it offers players a chance to get a perspective and learn from their own past experiences.


What about affiliates? Anything new of special for them?

Luckily, affiliates and businessmen in the industry are not forgotten on this network.

Actually, they seemed to be equally or even more equipped with features allowing them to create unique custom promotions and events, change banners, assets and other material, highlight offers in-game and tailor their offerings to best fit their players.

It sounds too good to be true – but amazingly – it is true!




GG Networks’ interface actually offers full integration with any available platform, allowing all serious businessmen incredible flexibility. Especially if you add the fact that GG Network also allows its partners and users to treat each of its brands separately.

There is also an optional separate wallet if you want to segregate your poker earnings from bonuses and promotions and a single/common wallet support that allows players to use the same funds to bet on sports, use a casino, play poker etc.


Ok, so what is the conclusion?

Well, given the fact that everything written above is overwhelmingly positive, there should be no surprise when it comes to the conclusion.

The atmosphere created and carefully preserved in GG network, makes the network one of the best places for online gaming. Their commitment to maintaining this spirit of safe fun and excitement is surely one of the most important factors contributing to its continual growth.

All the great features mentioned above are also seriously helpful and effective.

GG Network is also known to be very reliable in terms of payments and the reputation it has rightfully gained for its soft and comfortable atmosphere is still one of the main attributes of its growing attraction.




As far as the player base is concerned, things are unbelievably - even better than all of that.

Let's say it again - GG Network is the most popular online poker gaming network in Asia!

This is a big deal!

Not only because Asia is the most populous continent on the planet holding around 60% of the entire human population, but also because, in the previous several years, its biggest country has been experiencing an unprecedented economic growth that has allowed its citizens the money and resources to join the online gaming world and bring their skills and income into the world of online gaming.

Let's face it, online poker is now global and international and that makes it more fun than ever and the existence of networks such as this one helps with making people more trustworthy and open to the experience. This is where the GG Network comes in!

Every day, at peak hours, there are between 1200 and 1700 players playing on the network, and you can easily join them anytime.

And even though the majority of the players is still from China and Korea, the fact is that this is changing fast as a substantial number if international players come in to join the fun. This trend is not likely to stop so this is probably the most important aspect of the whole network.

The conclusion is very simple and straightforward – GG Network is, at the least, probably the most promising online gaming network in the world - check it out and see for yourself!


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