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Tuesday, 28 June 2016





One of the first things you need to realize regarding this matter is that the relationship between a poker player and a poker affiliate should always be positive. Let me explain what that means. A positive relationship is the one where the affiliate does their best to help the player win and keep playing whilst also securing him the best possible reakeback deal to make them both satisfied.


There is a difference between affiliates who work with online poker and those who, for example, work for casinos and sports betting. While many of casino and sports booking affiliates earn money on their players loses, poker affiliates are rewarded weather the player wins or loses. The more their player wins and keeps playing, the more they both earn. It is something like agent representation - an affiliate is the one working to secure the best deals and conditions so the player can focus solely on their game while being in a position where he or she earns and gets as much rakeback as possible.

In addition to this, it is equally important to note that the earnings that go to the affiliates are never taken from the players earnings but from the poker rooms share. So, as a player, you actually don’t lose any of your earnings and in the case you have a good affiliate, all you can get is - great help.


Well, it depends on what you are comparing it with. Compared to most jobs, it is quite easy but compared to the fantasy of getting a lot of money for absolutely no work - it’s not. So, it very much depends on your expectations.


Let’s clarify and expound on some important facts. Poker affiliation is a job you can do from your home. Although this sounds appealing, for many people not used to working from home, it presents a considerable challenge. In order to be really successful, you will need to motivate yourself to overcome these obstacles and put in a real effort.

Online poker affiliation is not as easy as putting a couple of banners on your website. Whoever thinks this and expects to earn big money by doing so is sorely mistaken. This is completely inaccurate and this kind of false advertising is counterproductive to the whole industry. It presents this job in a completely false light and the result is that many people who try online poker affiliation and don’t immediately earn big money quickly lose interest and quit the job altogether.


Having the above-written paragraphs in mind, we urge you not to be a victim of false advertising. Don’t be seduced by the lies about affiliate business being as easy as not doing almost anything. Consider the fact that most of the things you read are designed to lure you in this world and make money off your back. If you want to do this, choose the affiliate company that is ready to help and support you in any and every way and be ready to put in a real effort to actually work. Like anything else, when you figure how things work, the job becomes quite comfortable and potentially very lucrative.


Generally speaking, the best online poker affiliates are the people close to poker, that is - poker players, poker coaches etc. As many other things, online poker affiliation is not so much about having some great skill or talent. It is a game of industriousness. The more you work and the more time you put into it, the more successful you will be. In those terms, anyone with enough determination can become a successful affiliate.


Even though it is not always the case in reality, we believe that in an ideal situation, an affiliate network should be something like a valued collaborator, a true companion who helps guides and assists in the success or each and every registered affiliate. Although, as we say, that in reality is not always the case, the truth is that it is actually in their both interest. The reason is because - the network actually earns money only in the case their affiliate does so as well.

The same as with the “poker player – affiliate” relationship described above, it is supposed to be a positive relationship where the affiliate will not lose anything but, in the case they choose their collaborators correctly, they might actually gain a lot.


If you like this article, we would like you to consider our network as your choice for online poker affiliation.We in Poker Affiliate Ware are an honest, frank and direct team of dedicated people who are eager to maintain a close community of member affiliates and support them in all their affiliate needs. We make personalized support groups for each and every one of our affiliates. There, we strive to give them any kind of support they need whether it be complete guidance, advice or material. We have a dedicated individual approach and make it possible for every affiliate to manage up to 100 brands from any single account.

In the end, we are all poker players, people that genuinely care about the game but we are also a successful and experienced company that is as close to the game as it is to the whole industry built around it. Poker is a wonderful and complex game of skill, not luck and we invite you to join is and share it with as many people as we can. Making money while doing it is just a bonus you also can enjoy!

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