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Wednesday, 08 June 2016


There are many common mistakes you can make in any job and affiliate marketing is not an exception. However, some of the most common mistakes in affiliate marketing are easily avoidable. In this article, we aim to expose these common mistakes and give you an opportunity for a more successful affiliate marketing career.



Not updating regularly is one of the most common mistakes you can make. It is no small mistake because it is giving your potential (or even existing) clients the wrong information on the most crucial things relating to your business. As affiliate marketers, we are constantly dealing with new offers and making sure everything you are promoting is updated is absolutely essential. You don’t want your site to hold any old, faulty information - it only sends a bad impression to your clients.

Updating is not only important for promotions, it is equally important for email campaigns and all other content including logos, banners, brand names, brand identity updates etc. So, update your top bonus offers and other treats you have in store and provide your current and future users with fresh information about your offer.

If you are an affiliate working with PAW, all you need to do in order to get all these materials is contact us - send us an email or contact us via our Skype online support.


In the recent years, we have all seen a surge of modern, good looking and most importantly, functional design. This evolution of all-platform-friendly design has brought us all to the moment where it is now expected for all websites to be mobile friendly and easily viewable from any possible device. So, good web design is arguably more important than it ever was because today, it is not only about looks, it is about functionality. We don’t surf the web only through our PC’s as we did in the 90’s. Today, there are many different devices and platforms that can be used and it is an imperative that your site looks good on each of these.



If your website does not meet these standards, it quite simply means it is outdated and you need to change it as soon as possible. Luckily, this does not have to be a tall task since there are now many affordable online services that offer professional looking web page designs and solutions that will take care of all of your needs. For a start, try looking at Squarespace, Wordpress or Wix.


While we all know that the work on content might be the most important part of an affiliate marketers job, the promotion of this content must not suffer or be overlooked in any way. So, instead of letting “content speak for itself” - make an effort to advertise and promote it on as many platforms as you can.

In order to be really successful, you need to find the places where your potential users lurk and reach out to them - use social media, SEO, streaming video, anything you can.



Having just encouraged you to make an effort in promoting your material, we have to stress the importance of not going overboard. We have all witnessed someone abusing the idea of promotion to an extent where it becomes counterproductive. Stepping over this invisible line is dangerous because it will lead people to avoid your efforts and act the opposite of what you want to accomplish. Put simply, if you over promote, people are more likely to ignore your posts, brand you as a nuisance and avoid anything you do in the future.

Getting a bad reputation on the internet is not hard, so you need to be careful. Over-promotion is a seriously threatening habit and the way to stop it is to be smart, promote in the peak traffic times, exercise moderation and plan not only the course of your promotion but also its extent.  


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