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Monday, 08 February 2016


For many years, blogging has mostly been considered more or less a hobby - a passion project often created and maintained by only one individual. In recent years though, together with the rise in content value, we see the blogging enterprise becoming more profitable than ever. With this growing trend of commercial blogging, the more successful bloggers are reported to earn considerable amounts of monthly revenue. In this article, we will present one of the best ways you can transform your blog into a lucrative commercial enterprise.

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One of the best ways to start gaining revenue through your blog is to turn to affiliate marketing. Quite simply, this means finding a suitable product, promoting it on your blog and collecting a part of the revenue from the traffic your users create. This sound very simple, but as with anything, there are important things to know before you freely venture into this new territory.

Here are some words of advice on what is important to know and how to go about doing it in a right way.

One of the most important factors many experienced bloggers report as most challenging is - a steady content production. It is very important to quickly find a suitable way to maintain a consistent production of content that will draw your users to the blog and keep them coming. A lot of patience is required to do this job and you need to assess whether or not you have enough determination, patience and skill to actually do it.

In order to maintain the required volume of your content, you will eventually need to think up with new and more innovative ways to promote and market the product. This is challenging because of the fact that (in order for you to get your share of revenue), most marketers that offer affiliate programs require your users not only to click on the provided link or ad, but also to sign up or even deposit some money. This is challenging and requires a persuasive effort on your part. This means you will need to find original, inventive ways to promote the product and persuade your users to actually use it. If you enjoy creative challenges, this should be a treat.


Managing expectations is always important. Especially if you are just embarking on a journey to unexplored territories. Here are some important things to learn from experienced bloggers.

The beginning is always hard and often discouraging. Many bloggers report zero revenue in the first week.

It is important to stay consistent and build a trusting relationship with your readers. The more trust you build - the more likely your users will respond to your suggestions.

Still, keep in mind that it is immensely important never to make your blog only about marketing a product you signed up for. So, respect your readers, try not be greedy and do not forget why your readers came to read your blog at the first place. Neglecting your blog's topic and the content related to it is a sure way to lose your audience and put yourself in an unfavorable position.

Be clear, concise and informative. Mention and promote as much as you can, but be careful not go overboard with volume. Make sure to find a suitable, natural way to tie your affiliate marketing venture with the original content of your topical blog. For example, if the topic of your blog is presenting useful information on a certain topic in a personal, authentic way - then use the same formula and the same voice when promoting the product.

The most valuable thing for a blogger is his or her audience - the people who keep coming back because they respect and want to know what you think. So, in order to maintain (and eventually build up) your audience numbers, you have to stay consistent. This means you must not lose your voice or your integrity. In order to avoid this, the best thing to do is to find a marketable product you actually believe in. This way you will be able to maintain your integrity and advertise the product with the same honest tone you use in your usual posts.

Keep your audience! You don't want your blog's topic to be overshadowed by marketing.

Be very clear, open and honest to your readers. Keep in mind and never forget - you are selling (recommending) a product - because you simply believe in it. For example, if you are a poker blogger, you should find the best affiliate program by your opinion and market it exactly as such. This way you will keep your audience, your integrity and most importantly, your blog's audience.

Try to convince your readers that the product you are marketing is something they really need, something that will positively impact an important part of their lives. Personal stories and testimonies from you as the author of the blog they believe in are often a best way to do that. Be as persuasive as you can, but always try to keep it personal. The more you believe in the product you are marketing, the easier it should be.

Use the product yourself! This is very helpful because it gives you more opportunities to mention and reference the product more often. Reference and mention the product as much as you can and keeping it personal is often the best way to do this.


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Good luck and may the audience stay with you!


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