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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Monday, 30 November 2015

What is Affiliate Marketing?
It is internet advertising based on performance-based marketing, that allows any online business to sell its products for a commission by individuals ( ‘’affiliates’’) using their affiliate programs.
Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a high income while you ( potential affiliate marketer ) are in relationship with a ( potential affiliate merchant ). As an affiliate you are providing products / services over the web to your visitors and therefor you get a commission. You can start today your business on the web by joining one of our affiliate programs. While today most people buy over internet, it is easier than ever before to sell successfully merchant’s portfolio of products.

Relationship between four participants together makes the Affiliate marketing:

As an affiliate, the best way is to find a niche that you know well and promote merchant’s products. PokerAffiliateWare gives you the possibility to be affiliate marketer and we provide very high level of service for affiliates.
PAW / PokerAffiliateWare
Our longtime experience in Online Poker and as a trusted partner in PAW business we wish that you get successful as an affiliate. We for sure have the best commission’s rates available. Commission you receive is based on the overall rake generated by your players. Our team is available for you 24/7 via Skype or e-mail. Get in touch with us and let our experts help you with your new business.
Merchant is advertiser who exactly know over the ‘’affiliate links’’ that the potential client is coming over your website to buy his product. If the client buy the product over your web, than you get commission for it. It is simple to know which revenue came from specific affiliate.
The Client
Clients are important significance for you. In order to gain and retain clients, it is necessary to build up a very strong relationship with them. This can be done through website, blogs and social media networks so that they can find themselves right product. Investing in this business, your effort and time, keep in mind both the client and their needs.

Step by step instructions to manufacture your business each day by itself

As a tenderfoot, where do I begin?
Progress can be easy if you want, but it is necessary to deposit work and effort in order to promote your affiliate business. When all of these you put together, it doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play.
How to start in the best way? Take a piece of a paper and write down the answers to the most important questions:

• How will my clients reach me?
• By what method will affiliate marketing promote my business?
• What is the best affiliate marketing niche for me?

What kind of products will I offer to my future clients? When you know where to start it's an ideal opportunity to begin investigating the start of your new business.

How will my clients reach me?
After you sign up and get your first affiliate deal, the following step is promoting the product to your future and new clients. You may ask how to reach your potential clients and promote them products? On the Internet you have a huge possibility for that. Begin to build your own particular group – go on social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You can also promote your new product over your own website, do promote it over a free blog and other forums.
It is simple and easy: To be a trustworthy and well-known partner, people have to know about you. There is huge opportunity what exactly you want to promote, and that’s the fun part of affiliate marketing. To achieve better communication with your clients, send to them articles about your product via e-mail, and create surveys, Youtube video, newsletter, etc.
To read about your business and products in media, write some cool news and let clients to write and comment about it.

Comprehension Affiliate Marketing
Before we push ahead, it is of importance to know few basic concepts every affiliate should get it when in affiliate marketing business. Please keep reading to understand what terms like CPA, Revenue Share, conversion, tracking, cookie, etc., mean.
Conversion - Signing of the contract with affiliate you get links which you put on your web or blog and like this you promote the product. Prospective customers can visit merchant’s website and get all info about the product, but if they do not order a product, there is no sale. Keeping in mind the end goal, affiliate payment, your client must finalize a sale.

CPA/Revenue Share. This is similar to conversion, but the deal and details may vary and this would require a special condition to launch payment. The special condition could be an action (CPA, Cost-per-acquisition) or a sign up (Revenue share deal). To get a fixed amount your client need to do one action for you (CPA). Revenue share is more for

Tracking – You become an affiliate when you’ve chosen a product which you’ll promote. You must be wondering how many of your potential customers purchased the product you promote? You may also ask how it all works with tracking information Online? That’s what tracking is doing: As soon as your client signs up through your link or bonus code, the client gets on his PC a cookie that tracks his every movement (visits and buys) at that merchant.

Our Support Team section is rich with useful information and explanations how affiliate marketing works. If you can’t find the information you are searching for in this text, we would love to hear from you over email, skype, or our social networks. We are for you there 24/7.

Affiliate marketing / Niche / Product
After you have a great foundation what affiliate marketing is, as well as a niche and product, makes it easy to start your business and product selection which you are going to offer on web to your potential clients. Products are in the expansion daily so you should follow what’s new on the market and adapt to clients, perhaps even change the niche if you see that’s necessary.
Online gambling is a totally different niche and its very own specialty. Online gambling players are not buying once and it’s over. You are selling a service to them that you offer, for a longer period, and that’s makes this niche special. You are selling your services to group of players, online poker players, casino players and sport bettors players who are beginning their very own little business. And of course they have to invest skills, expertise, time and money to get succeed. There are numerous forms for promotion and online gambling different access: for instance, a casino affiliate will require a totally diverse methodology than an online poker room or a sport bettors website.

Affiliate Marketting with PAW is a great affiliate network with still a rising tendency in the online gambling industry. The team behind PAW is in Poker Affiliate business since 2006/07, but the PAW was founded in 2011. We are partner with many well-known poker rooms like William Hill, Party Poker, Bet365, TitanPoker, Betsson and Betsafe. Working as an Affiliate on our network gives you approach with both U.S. and International Operators and immediate promotion of their offers. These offers include ViP Rakeback deals, Revenue Share, and CPA. Our totally new site is user-friendly and has a clear interface which is easy to navigate with. Every affiliate gets personal Skype support from our team 24/7. Our purpose is to help with any question or request you may have about affiliate marketing. It will be our pleasure to work with you and I am sure you will appreciate the advantages that brings to the table.

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