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Being a poker affiliate can be both rewarding and challenging from the very beginning. Often times, affiliates are so amped up to get started writing content, creating a website, promoting their service -- that they forget about one of the most important aspects of internet marketing and affiliate marketing. THE EMAIL LIST.


To be a successful poker affiliate you must have a good group of poker players to market to. Many affiliates fail to capture their visitors via email opt ins in the early stages of being a poker affiliate. Later in their career, they begin doing this and realize how powerful an email list of poker players is. Then the regret sets in. Why didn’t I start building my poker player email list from the very beginning?




This is a question that poker affiliates ask themselves all too often. Do not fall into the trap. Start collecting email addresses from the beginning. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why building your email list from the start is a wise idea as a poker affiliate.


Build Trust With Your Readers 

Being a good poker affiliate is all about trust. Some affiliates don’t understand this. But think about it -- will you be more successful selling to someone that KNOWS you over someone that just MET you? The answer is yes. Building and marketing to your email list from day one let’s you build that relations and trust with your readers. You can continually “talk” to them via email. And then when the time comes to get them signed up for a poker room or a bonus offer, they trust you. Sometimes, if you have offered enough value to the poker player, they may even feel a bit guilted into signing up under you. But it all comes down to building the trust via your email list.




Later May Never Come 

Many affiliates fall into the trap of “I don’t have time”. There is always a LATER. The thought of signing of for a mail delivery service, integrating an opt in form, creating email responses, creating email campaigns -- is simply overwhelming to many poker affiliates. But guess what? Later may never come and you will be stuck wondering why you aren’t getting any results as a poker affiliate. Don’t rely on later, take a day and learn how to setup your email list from day one. You will not regret it years down the road.


There Is Power in Numbers 

Being a poker affiliate is a true numbers game. You can have the best service, offers or product to promote -- but if you are promoting it to 3 people, you aren’t going to get a lot of results. Setting up your email list from day one allows you to truly CAPTURE your readers that are interested. Now, as you create content, the readers can opt in to your email list and you can communicate with them forever. Without the email list, the reader will see your content and move along to another site. Leaving no way for you to communicate with them. As the months go on, your list grows to 10, 100, 1000, 10000 poker players. How powerful would a list of 10,000 poker players be? If you don’t setup your email list today, you will regret it 3 years from now.


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How Can I Build My Poker Player Email List 

So we have probably convinced you that building a poker player email list is a good idea from the beginning. Now you are wondering HOW to get started? This is another topic for another post but we will give you some high level steps to create your first email list as a poker affiliate.


  1. Choose a company to serve as your email autoresponder. There are dozens of choices out there in this space. Be sure you pick the email provider that fits your needs the best. Some of the more popular choices include: Aweber, Constant Contact, Mailchimp and more! 
  2. Setup your email list. You can call this a newsletter or a digest or whatever you want. But what are your readers getting? What is their incentive for signing up? Get this setup. 
  3. Create a chain of autoresponders. We won’t go into depth here, but you should create a set of 7-10 autoresponder emails that go out automatically when a new poker player signs up for your list. You do this one time work, and it pays off forever. Spend the time up front creating the autoresponder sequence that will connect with your new subscriber. 
  4. Add your opt in form to your website. You now are ready to put a form on your website. Some people use “pop ups” and some integrate the forms into the sidebar or content of their website. You can do it any way you choose -- but test the conversion rates of your forms to make sure you are truly getting subscribers from your forms. 
  5. Stay in touch with your list. After the autoresponder messages are done -- don’t just ignore your list. Be sure to stay in contact with them at some frequency. This is crucial to building that trust and keeping your list “fresh”.


Ok, so those are a few high level tips on how to start your poker player email list as an affiliate. We could go into more depth on this topic in the future.


But understand today that you need to start building an email list NOW. Don’t wait. Do it the first day you become a poker affiliate and you won’t regret it in the long run.


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